Find products for your Shopify store in minutes.

Oberlo allows you to easily import dropshipped products directly into your Shopify store and ship them directly to your customers – in only a few clicks.

Oberlo is a popular app for the hosted eCommerce platform Shopify. The Oberlo service lets you import products directly from the Chinese super store AliExpress.

The service is a drop shipper’s dream. Within a few minutes you can import thousands of targeted products to your Shopify store and then sell items directly to your customer.


  • Import Products from Suppliers.
  • Fulfil Orders Automatically. 
  • Inventory and Price Auto Updates.
  • Product Customization
  • Pricing Automations

All-in-one Drop Shipping

3D Design Labs

Create as many products as you want in our realistic, 3D Design Labs.


Create listings on your online store using the models.

No inventory

We make all products on demand. You never commit to inventory that may or may not sell.

Headache free shipping

We do all the shipping for you, from Canada and the USA so your orders arrive quickly and without surprise fees.

Build your brand from day one

Branding your clothing is as simple as uploading your label and adding it to your drop ship orders. We'll keep label on file and include it every time you order.

Customized packaging

Tell your customers you care and communicate directly with your buyer. We offer Artist Cards designed by you included inside your packages, and stickers to brand your packaging on the outside.

3 Step Quality Control

We check your product at various stages during production to make sure the print and construction adheres to our standards.

To find out more about what the service offers, please visit Oberlo.com. I am sure you will be fascinated by the possibilities that Oberlo presents to you.

Thanks for reading.