Step 7 - Design Your Store

Mastering design is an important part in the process of creating an ecommerce store. How you present your eCommerce business helps build trust with customers. Thankfully, Shopify automatically assigns a default theme to your eCommerce store and it already looks great, so you do not need to change this unless you want to spend the time to customize it. A customized site can help enhance your brand, but it is not necessary to do that when first launching the store.

Don’t buy a new theme until you’ve generated enough sales for it to be paid for through your eCommerce business. There’s no need to make big purchases in the beginning. You can still create a beautiful website through your banner graphic, color scheme and other visual elements.

1) Create Menu/Navigation

Go to the Shopify Online Store > Navigation section > select edit ‘Main Menu’ card and list all your collections there.

2) Upload Main Banner

You can create a cool looking banner in just a few minutes. Use Google ‘banner editing tools’ or click here: Select banner dimensions (1200x360px), upload an image of one of your products, select background, insert a few lines of text, add a ‘Buy Now’ button, and you’re finished.

You can also use Canva’s templates to design something visually appealing. They have shapes you can incorporate into your design to make things pop. Don’t be afraid to look through Canva’s templates for inspiration to design a banner that wows. Their website is user-friendly and allows even someone with little design experience to create a unique banner.

You can now insert this banner into your eCommerce store by going to Online Store > Themes > Customize Theme > edit Homepage Slideshow.

3) Editing Featured Products

If you navigate to Customize Theme > Home page > Featured Products you can choose a collection for featured products. If you create a collection like you did earlier, name one featured, use tags called ‘Featured.’ Every time you add a new product that you want to showcase add the ‘Featured’ tag to the tags section and it will automatically appear on the Home Page under ‘Featured.’

4) Setting up your Footer

You can find Footer Settings in Online Store, Themes Section, Customize Theme page, and Footer Settings. There you can decide what you want to see in your footer menu.


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