Step 4 - Optimize your settings in your Shopify store

4.1. Add Your Store Payment Option

Add your PayPal email address under Shopify Settings > Payments Section. Later, you can change, remove, or add additional payment options.

If you don’t have a PayPal account, register at It will take about 5 minutes.

4.2. Generate Required Policies

Shopify offers a handy tool for generating terms and conditions, standard privacy, and return policies. Just go to Shopify Settings > Checkout > scroll down to Refund > Privacy >  TOS statements section to generate each policy sample.

4.3. Add Free Shipping Rate

The sourcing tool I recommend will offer most of the products with a free delivery option. I suggest adding a free shipping rate for all of your orders, as well.

Go to Shopify Settings > Shipping and delete all shipping zones that are “Domestic,” and under the “Rest of World’ select ‘Free International Shipping’ under ‘Price based rates.’ Don’t forget to check off “Rate: Free shipping rate.”

4.4. Create an Online Store

Shopify allows you to sell your products across multiple channels like Online Store, Facebook Store, Brick & Mortar store, etc.

Right now, we want to create an Online store. Go to Shopify Settings > Sales Channels and add Online Store as your sales channel if it hasn’t been added automatically.

4.5. Buy a domain (optional)

Buying a domain is optional but recommended. Currently, your URL looks like this: [storename] You might want to change it to look more like a standard website: [storename].com.

You don’t have to do this right away, though. Note that there will be a cost for changing the name (usually about $13 per year). You can set this up later once you decide if you want to invest further money into your eCommerce business.

It is important to note, however, that a custom internet address provides social accountability when you start advertising your site, which can increase your sales significantly. Also, the sooner you purchase the domain for the store, the less likely it is for someone else to buy it later on.

To buy a domain, go to Shopify Online Store > Domains Section > Buy New Domain.

P.S. You’ll need to confirm the domain before it starts working. The confirmation email is in your email inbox.

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